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Hitler's Secret Life (PocketBook)

Hitler's Secret Life  (PocketBook)
Hitler's Secret Life  (PocketBook)
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Book Specifications

Published Year
Glenn B. Infield
Book Condition
Used Good
Condition Note
This used book is in average condition. Pages are yellowish color. Title cover is small damage
Book Binding Type
Paper Back
No. of Pages
17.5 x 11 cm
In Stock

Book Description

Based on interviews with Hitler’s intimates – secretaries, chauffeurs, guards, cooks and members of his notorious inner circle – as well as previously unpublished archive material, the book gives new insight into the behavior of a man responsible for the deaths of millions. Here is the inside story of what went on in Hitler’s hideaway, the Berghof, and the remarkable mountain fortress called the Eagle’s Nest – his affair with his young niece Geli; his sado-masochistic activities; his incurable insomnia; his love for a Viennese Jewish Princess.’ There is evidence, too of how Hitler fathered a child, not by Eva Braun, but by the wife of Hermann Goring og how he consorted with high- ranking Nazi homosexuals and drug addicts; and how he was reduced to a physical wreck in 1944 with smuggled ‘medicine’ laced with strychnine by the Allies  

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