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Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy (PocketBook)

Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy  (PocketBook)
Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy  (PocketBook)
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Book Specifications

Published Year
Charles Whiting
Ballantine Books
Book Condition
Used Good
Condition Note
This used book is in good condition. Pages are yellowish color. Title cover is small damage
Book Binding Type
Paper Back
No. of Pages
18 x 10.5 cm
In Stock

Book Description

Gehlen’s memoirs are the sensation of Europe, the most important revelations by a Garman official since Albert Speer. Unlike Speer. Reinhard Gehlen did not go to prison – he went to work for the US Intelligence Agency, the CIA.

A lifetime shrouded in secrecy is not easily studied or revealed. The General’s memoirs prove that. However, Charles Whiting has clearly filled in many of the gaps, tracing Gehlen’s early days as a German General Staff officer through his successful organization of a military spy system in the Soviet Union, to his post war years with the CIA and the founding of West Germany’s own intelligence system.

Through all, Gehlen remains the supreme analyst, the cautious sifter of endless streams of information – the man who supplied most of the what we knew of Russia in the post war decade, but most of all, the enigma: the master spy.        

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