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80 Ways to Prosperity with Feng Shui (PocketBook)

80 Ways to Prosperity with Feng Shui (PocketBook)
80 Ways to Prosperity with Feng Shui (PocketBook)
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Book Specifications

Published Year
Arun Lama
Penguin Books
Book Condition
Used Good
Condition Note
This used book is in good condition.
Book Binding Type
Paper Back
No. of Pages
18 x 12 cm
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Book Description

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is increasingly being adopted by many in their quest for personal peace and prosperity Literally meaning wind' and water', it is a system of laws governing spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of positive

and negative energies. Although an elaborate art, it is not difficult to grasp when presented systematically. 

80- Ways to Prosperity with Feng Shui sets out the principles and rules of feng shui, step by step, with practical applications and relevant examples focussed on the cutrent.time cycle which began in February 2004.

In the pages of this book you will find tips on 

1.How to orient your bed room

2.The most beneficial way to arrange your children's room

3.How to rearrange your workspace

4.Where to position doors and bathrooms

5.How and where to place feng shui objects

Use this quick referral guide on how to use feng shui in everyday life and begin your journey to prosperity.

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