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10 - Minute Clutter Control

10 - Minute Clutter Control
10 - Minute Clutter Control
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Skye Alexander
Wisdom Tree
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Used Good
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This used book is in good condition.
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Paper Back
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15 x 15 cm
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Book Description

If you think that clutter is a fact of life, think again. Feng shui the ancient Chinese art of placement -can help you organize every aspect of your life, both at home and the office. With the simple tips & tricks in this book, you can learn the secrets of this age-old clutter climination system in no time. Best-selling 10-Minute Feng Shui author Skye Alexander shows you how to transform your environment-and in doing so, transform your life as well!
Designed with the "too-busy-to-get-organized" person in mind, 10-Minute Clutter Control breaks down organization into easy tasks that take only minutes to perform, and will work wonders for your sense of order, not to mention your peace of mind:
*Ue plants to absorb emotional and mental clutter
*Furnish your home with beds of the same size.
*Use a blackboard instead of Post-Its for daily reminders, so
*and much more!
With 10-Minute Clutter Control, you can throw out the bad, organize the good, and attract the new luck, love, and harmony that accompany a well-managed life.
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