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Modern Physics and Anti-physics

Modern Physics and Anti-physics
Modern Physics and Anti-physics
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Adolph Baker
Addison - Wesley Publishing Company
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Used Like New
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This is used in good condition. Front title cover is missing
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Paper Back
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20.3 x 13.5 cm
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Book Description

The fundamentals of twentieth-century physics are presented in a clear and concise manner for non-scientists. Adotph Baerin a profemor in the physics department at Lowe Technological Institute in Lowell Massachusetts He received the Ph.D in physics from Brandeis University, after obtaining four previous degrees in various other fields of both science and the humanities He has worked in both electronics and theoretical physics. It was while graduate student that he first became interested in the problem of communicating physics to humanists Dr. Baker's research has been in problems of nuclear Physics scattering theory, optics, and geophysics His published papers have appeared in Physical Review and other physics journals. This is his first book.
He is a member of the American Physical Society and of Sigma Xi This is an undergraduate book on modern physics written primarily for non-scientists, but addressing itself to almost anyone in its view of physics in the twentieth century. The symmetries, relativity, and quantum mechanics are treated with emphasis on the processes of reasoning which led to the discoveries The viewpoint is that of the humanities student, and the question of why he should be interested in the physics is confronted at every stage. A connection is sought between modern physical thinking and events on the current scene, Even while the physics is explored in depth, controversial involving problems of society and the anti-scientific attitude are injected in the form of dialogues and questions.
The style is informal and makes use of dramatic techniques Mathematical developments are largely avoided in the text, with concepts like time dilation and wave-particle duality generated by qualitative arguments and symbolic accounts of the experimental evidence, An appendix derives relevant quantitative results for readers who might happen to have the background and inclination or to support a lecturer  who wishes to discuss them.
Cover Photograph by Joel Janowitz.

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