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How to Kick Someone's Ass

How to Kick Someone's Ass
How to Kick Someone's Ass
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Published Year
E.R. Silverman
Adams Media
Book Condition
Used Good
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This used book is in good condition.
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Paper Back
No. of Pages
19 x 14 cm
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Book Description

There are plenty of reasons to want to kick some ass. Maybe your spouse ran away with your best friend and now you have fantasies of stuffing an angry cobra in his briefcase. On perhaps that new coworker you helped out turned around and stole your ideas-securing himself a promotion while leaving you high and dry. Or maybe you have to go on the defensive and respond to some angry meathead who's trying to be a tough guy. Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of ass-kicking options.

Split up by location and then broken down by particular situations, you'll find more than 200 ways to respond to all the backstabbers and Neanderthals, a-holes and wannabes punks and pricks who think they can get the better of you.

Whether your attack needs to be physical or mental, immediate or planned out, you'll find some serious inspiration in the following pages.

As a former government agent, I've survived many hairy situations. In order to make it out in one piece, I needed to be prepared. You need to be prepared as well. You need to be physically and mentally tough enough to take on your Target and succeed in taking him down. Think you have what it takes? Reading this book is your first step to being prepared now let’s gets a move on.

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