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Daumier Man of His Time

Daumier Man of His Time
Daumier Man of His Time
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Published Year
Oliver W Larkin
Beacon Paperback
Book Condition
Used Good
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This is used in good condition
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Paper Back
No. of Pages
20 x 25 cm
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Book Description

"I have never received a book with more gratitude or commented on one with more enthusiasm. Penetrating political comment and acute historical observation combined with informed
artistic appreciation “
– John Kenneth Calbraith
Larkin [embeds] Daumier solidly in the events and life of his time by weaving around the episodes he
satirized in political cartoons, and around the various coteries who appear in his sociological commentaries, a well informed and shrewd account of the intrigues, storms uprisings, betrayals, hopes, disillusionment, and material prosperity which together make up the violent history of post
Revolutionary France between 1830 and 1870."
- Douglas Cooper.
The New York Review of Books Danmier has usually been treated piecemeal his lithographs, his painting, and s forth. This is the first time that the whole of his work has been considered together in depth. . . "
- Charles H Morgan, Smith Alumnae Quarterly
About the author: Oliver W. Larkin, professor emeritus of the history of art at Smith College. Pulitzer
Prize-winning author of Art and Life in America is one of the country outstanding art historians.
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