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Sense Perception in Science and Sastras

Sense Perception in Science and Sastras
Sense Perception in Science and Sastras
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Book Specifications

Published Year
T M Srinivasa and B G Sreelakshmi
Sir Sharada Trust Sringeri
Book Condition
Used Good
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This used book is in good condition.
Book Binding Type
Paper Back
No. of Pages
20.5 x 13.5 cm
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Book Description

Sastras study the world around us mainly on the basis of logic. While experiments do not generally go beyond simple observations, the logic is pursued by the Sastras to the very end. The reason for this

Feature is that the desideratum to understand the Ultimate Cause and the simple observations serve

only the purpose of triggering this search. It appears to us that the situation in Sciences is somewhat

complementary. Sciences are also concerned indeed, only with the study of the world around us. For this, scientists rely heavily on experiment, but adopt a logic only to fix some penultimate cause in the

immediate neighborhood of the observed phenomenon, Therefore, while unprecedented progress in technology has taken place due to Sciences, the logical subtleties are still the forte of the Sastras. So, it is obvious that Sciences and Sastras are complementary and if experts in the two fields are brought together, it

would be of immense advantage to the growth of knowledge. Last year, an effort was made i direction by arranging such a conference. Its

proceedings are now being published in book-form. We bless for the success in this venture and expect that this book will usher in a new era of thinking along similar lines.

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